An air conditioner has a lot of moving parts in order to get cold air into your home. That's why you shouldn't ignore any of these problems that come up with your air conditioner.

Reduced Air Flow

Have you noticed that the air is not coming out of your ductwork as forcefully as it once did? This could be due to a few reasons that should be investigated. It may be a problem as simple as a dirty air filter that is causing problems with the air pushing through the air vent. However, it could also be an issue with a damaged blower motor that is not spinning the fan blades as fast as they should be moving. Try replacing the filter, and if that doesn't do the trick, contact an HVAC professional to investigate the blower motor.

Warm Air

The air that your air conditioner produces should always be a consistent temperature, which is between 16F° and 22F° below the supply air and return air temperature. This temperature will not get colder if you set the thermostat lower and not go higher if you have the thermostat set higher. If you notice that the air is warmer than what it should be, it is worth having a professional investigate the problem.

A common issue with warm air is a leak in the refrigerant lines that cycle through the system. If the system is lacking refrigerant, it is not going to be able to pull the heat from the air to cool it down. This results in air that feels warmer than usual. An HVAC professional can look for leaks, repair them, and add more refrigerant to the system so that the air can be cooled properly.

Short Cycling

And air conditioner should never quickly turn off and on when it is in use. If you notice that air conditioner doing this, you have a problem known as short cycling. It can be caused by a condenser coil that is frozen and not able to remove the heat from the air, which may only require turning off the air conditioner and letting the ice melt. However, if it has always been showing this behavior, it can be due to an air conditioner that is oversized. The unit is putting cold air into your home too quickly, causing the thermostat to register the desired temperature and immediately turn the system off and back on. It is worth having the air conditioner looked at in this situation to determine if you need a new one that is the right size.

For more information, contact a local air conditioning repair company.