The air condenser is a key component of your home's central air system. Occasionally, problems with the condenser can cause the system to malfunction and leave your home more humid and warm than desired. To help you understand the condenser and its importance, here is what you need to know.  

What Does the Condenser Do? 

The air condenser coils are located outside of the home. The condenser works with the evaporator coil to remove heat from your home. The condenser is responsible for cooling the refrigerant, which is circulated through the home's central air system. When it malfunctions, the refrigerant is not cooled and the system pushes out warm air.  

The condenser unit that is outside of your home generates a lot of hot air. The reason for the hot air is that the air condenser pulls in a considerable amount of air to mingle with the refrigerant. To keep the temperatures in your home at the desired level, the air has to be rapidly pulled in and dissipated.  

Unfortunately, when the condenser coils and the area surrounding your unit are dirty, the unit cannot perform its job efficiently. The dirt slows down the process and the supply of cool air will quickly dwindle.  

What Can You Do? 

One option available to you is to clean the air condenser coils and the surrounding area. If you opt to do this yourself, you have to be extremely careful because there are electrical connections that could potentially be damaged if the unit is improperly clean.  

To protect the air condenser, start by turning off the power to it. Locate the power switch for it outside of your home. It should be in close proximity to the air condenser.  

After the electrical supply to the unit is disconnected, clean the area immediately around the air condenser. Dirt, leaves, and other debris need to be removed. If there are shrubs, flowers, or plants near the unit, remove the ones that are within a couple of feet of it.  

You do not need soap or other cleaning chemicals to clean the air condenser. You can use warm water from a garden hose. Rinse the condenser's vents and tubes. Wait several hours before turning back on the unit.  

Another option is to hire an air conditioning service to clean the air condenser unit. Hiring a professional guarantees that the job is done correctly. You also have the benefit of the technician checking other areas of the unit to ensure they are working properly.