The spring and summer months serve as an awakening of sorts, and not just in terms of warmer weather. During these seasons, allergens and other particles also arise, and unfortunately, they can make their way inside your home. Did you know that an AC tune-up can help you alleviate this issue? While an air conditioner tune-up improves operation and efficiency, it can also improve the air quality in your home to make your home more comfortable. 

Dust and Debris Removal

All the cooled air you feel inside your home originates from outside. In addition to allergens, dust and other debris attached to the air will settle inside your unit and blow back into your home. If you have a pet, dander can follow a similar route. 

For anyone with allergies or other sensitivities, exposure to this air can create an uncomfortable experience. When you have an air conditioner tune-up performed, a technician will perform a thorough cleaning of your unit to remove the debris and improve the quality of the air inside your home.

Refrigerant Leaking

A refrigerant leak is one of the more dangerous issues that can occur with an air conditioner unit. A common cause for this issue is wear and tear. Over time, wear on the pipes that house the refrigerant can corrode, allowing this chemical to leak from the tiny holes it forms. Freon is a very dangerous chemical that is hazardous to humans.

An individual exposed to freon in the air can experience breathing issues, heart, and lung problems, and even a loss of consciousness. Signs of corrosion often manifest long before a leak forms, which means a technician would likely spot this potential issue before a dangerous leak occurs. 

Poor Performance Issues

A tune-up is a critical preventive tool because it allows homeowners to identify issues with their unit before they worsen, possibly leading to a failure. Cool air does not just keep a home comfortable, but it can also keep a home safer. During the summer, humid and hot air filling a home can lead to issues like mold growth, especially if repairs or replacement of the unit cannot be performed right away. 

Inhaling mold spores is unhealthy for anyone, but it is especially harmful for people with respiratory issues. An AC tune-up allows you to identify a problem with your unit before it fails.

If you want to minimize allergens and improve the air quality in your home, contact a local HVAC professional to schedule an air conditioning tune-up.