While your home may have many different appliances in it, the furnace can easily be one of the most important. Any problems with this part of your home can lead to the house being too cold to be comfortably occupied during the winter months. Unfortunately, there are common mistakes that you may be making that could contribute to the furnace being more vulnerable to a major failure.  

Mistake: Assuming Furnace Maintenance Only Involves Replacing The Filters

Replacing the air and fuel filters for the furnace system can be an essential type of maintenance that the unit will require. However, a homeowner should avoid assuming that this will be the only type of maintenance work that it will require. In reality, changing the filters can help to keep air and fuel flowing to the system, but it will not address the effects of other types of routine wear, the development of corrosion, or any other problems.

Mistake: Failing To Keep The Pilot Light And Burner Clean

The pilot light and burner are two components that will have to be regularly cleaned to keep the system operating at optimal levels. When these components are not cleaned, they can lead to the system having a difficult time sustaining its heat output. This is due to the accumulation of residue and dust on the burner or pilot light. If these materials are not removed, they will eventually become severe enough to actually cause the unit to develop major clogs. Depending on the design of your furnace system, you may be able to oversee the cleaning process for these components, but you will need to make sure that this is done regularly and thoroughly to avoid leaving residue accumulations behind.  

Mistake: Not Having The Furnace Inspected Each Fall

During the fall months, your furnace system should be thoroughly inspected to help prepare it for the coming winter months. These inspections can be important for reducing the risk of any number of substantial problems developing with the system during the winter. For example, a furnace that has a compromised blower or that has suffered other types of extensive wear may need repairs before being used regularly to avoid the risk of a sudden failure striking the unit. While these maintenance visits can be essential to keep the system running, they will generally be fairly quick and inexpensive to have done. This can make it convenient for homeowners to maintain this critical appliance.

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