The first sound you get used to from an AC is a constant hum, which is a regular operational noise that you should get when the system doesn't have damage. However, age and malfunctions can lead to your system producing other unusual sounds. If you can hear the unit from another room or it is disrupting regular activities, chances are the unit has developed complications. Here are the four strangest noises that can come from your AC and how to handle them.

Incessant Banging Noises

In most cases, your compressor is making a banging sound due to a loose component. That said, the only way to tell the reason behind compressor noise is by getting a technician to assess it. If they find significant damage, you might have to replace the components. Also, the unbalanced blades of the outdoor fan or the internal blower could be the origin of the noise. Note that the clattering only gets louder when you ignore it, and it is best to hire an expert to deal with it right away.

Screeching and Squealing

If you turn on your air conditioner and hear a screaming noise similar to metal grinding on metal, the bearings to your fan motor have broken down. On the other hand, a misplaced or worn belt will also make a squeaking sound, either periodically or persistently. Furthermore, the contraction and expansion of the belt in reaction to fluctuations in temperature and dampness generate cyclical noise. Note that a broken fan belt will leave you without conditioned air if you don't replace it. Call an AC technician to determine whether it is time to repair or replace this component.

System Buzz

If your air conditioner makes a buzzing sound, it could signify an electrical problem. Possible causes of electrical problems include a faulty condenser fan motor, a tripped circuit breaker, or a malfunctioning relay switch. On the other hand, when a blower starts humming, it could result from worn wires, broken components, or a more significant challenge. Call a technician to address the source of these problems in time, as handling them yourself can lead to electrocutions or risk of fire. 

Constant Clanking Noises

A loose part or the compressor itself could lead to a clanking sound. Moreover, this sound could result from a misalignment between the external fan and the internal blower. You should know that ignoring this clattering won't make it go away. Instead, you need an AC repair expert to tighten loose parts and check other components for possible damage.

These are the most common problematic sounds you might experience with your AC unit. Getting an AC technician to repair these issues before they worsen and cause complete system damage is advisable. Reach out to AC repair services near you to learn more.