Decades ago, having central air was a luxury. These days, however, it's much more common. In many regions of the country, almost every home has central air. Even in areas with a more temperate climate, there tend to be more homes with central air than without it. So, why is central air so popular? In addition to the fact that it simply keeps your home cool and comfortable, it has a lot of key benefits over other home cooling options.

You won't hurt yourself installing and uninstalling equipment

There are window air conditioners that are cheaper than central air conditioners, and large fans can work in some situations, too. But putting up and installing this equipment is not always as safe as you'd hope. While it's rare, people have fallen out windows while installing AC units. People often hurt their backs lifting them, too. Installing central air means never having to do this again. Your HVAC installer will put the air conditioner in place, and it will stay there for many years.

The home will maintain an even temperature

With almost every other home cooling option, you'll have rooms that are well-cooled and others that are not as well-cooled. This can be frustrating if, for example, you want to go to sleep, but your bedroom is one of the warmer rooms in the home. Central air solves this problem. An HVAC contractor will set the duct work up in a way that encourages even cooling. You won't have to avoid certain rooms or keep moving through the home because some areas are still unpleasantly warm.

You can control it remotely

These days, almost all AC systems are installed with a WiFi-compatible thermostat. This allows you to closely control the temperature of your home, even when you're not there. If you'll be headed home early, you can adjust the home temperature remotely from your office so the home is a comfortable temperature when you arrive. If you find out you'll be home late, you can override the schedule so your home is not cooled down unnecessarily. This sort of control is so freeing and can save you energy.

Central air conditioning is popular for good reasons. It ensures your home is cooled evenly, allows you to control the temperature remotely, and keeps you from getting injured when installing equipment. Call a local AC service to discuss the benefits and costs of central air.