Most modern homeowners rely heavily on their air conditioners during the summer months. Without a functional AC system, it would be nearly impossible to maintain a cool and comfortable home interior. Unfortunately, many homeowners don't give their cooling system much thought until it stops performing as it should. Regular maintenance is essential to the longevity and efficiency of any cooling system.

Here are three things you need to know about routine AC maintenance so that you can better care for your cooling system in the future.

1. A Service Call Should Be Scheduled in the Spring

Pay attention to when outdoor temperatures usually begin to climb in your area. You will want to reach out and make an appointment with an HVAC technician well in advance of this date to maintain your cooling system.

Spring is the perfect time to schedule a service call for your air conditioner. Having a professional check out your system in the spring ensures that your AC is ready and capable of cooling your home in the coming summer months. You will also have time to make any necessary repairs before the demand for cooling services hits its peak if you start maintaining your AC unit during spring.

2.  Regular Maintenance Secures Your Warranty

The ideal air conditioner is one that never malfunctions or breaks down. Even the most durable modern AC unit can still experience performance issues. Replacing a faulty AC unit or having damaged parts replaced can be costly.

Most AC systems come equipped with a warranty. This warranty is designed to protect homeowners against the financial burden associated with premature cooling system failures. If you look closely at the fine print of your warranty contract, you will probably see that it states you must keep up with regular maintenance in order for the warranty to remain valid. Routine service calls from your HVAC technician can help you avoid getting stuck with a major repair bill in the future.

3. Regular Maintenance Saves Money

If you think that you are saving money by foregoing routine maintenance for your cooling system, you couldn't be more wrong. The amount you pay an HVAC technician to service your AC unit pales in comparison with the money that you will save over time as a result of this regular maintenance. A cooling system that has been cared for properly is capable of performing more efficiently. You will see a decrease in your monthly energy costs and be able to postpone the cost of installing a new AC unit when you care for your existing unit properly.

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