The condenser is one of the crucial components of an AC appliance. You will typically find it outside the home, close to the back wall of the building. Its function is to take the heat from the refrigerant and release it into the environment. When it is working, your unit will cool the air inside the house simply and efficiently. On the other hand, if the condenser breaks down, the entire air cooling system will be stressful to handle. Here are three ways to tell when your condenser is broken and needs repairs. 

Loud and Unusual Noises from The Unit 

The first indicator that your unit is damaged is when it starts making unusually loud signs. You might notice unusual banging and clattering sounds. These typically indicate that a mechanical component of the condenser is damaged and needs your attention. A technician can assess the expansion valve, condenser coil, and evaporator to ensure that they aren't damaged and needs repairs. They will also inspect the motor and make sure it is functional. Replacing a loose component is a simple and effective way to keep your condenser working. 

Reduced Cooling Capacity

The heat from the air conditioner usually leaves the system through the condenser unit. If your condenser breaks down, your system will retain heat longer than it should. Sometimes the reduced cooling capacity could be from a simple problem like dirty condenser coils. You can fix this issue by having a professional clean them. You will notice an improvement in the overall function of the air conditioner when you clean the condenser coil. 

Excessive Fluid Leaking

The condenser drips water from the condensation process. However, the amount of water dripping from the unit is typically minimal, and it shouldn't soak the ground around it. Excessive fluid leak typically indicates that your condensation system is damaged and needs repair. The problem could be damaged condenser tubes. Only a repair service technician with the expertise and experience can correctly diagnose any weaknesses your system might have. With their help, you can decide whether it is time to replace the condenser, the only viable option when you have a broken system.

These are simple indicators that your condenser needs immediate repairs. The best way to handle condenser issues is by inviting an air conditioning repair technician to assess the system for you. They will help you resolve any problems and restore the function of your unit.