If you have a commercial range with damaged drip bowls, it's important to replace them as soon as you can so that you don't have to deal with stressful messes when cooking various meals for customers. These tips can help you find optimal replacement drip bowls that work out for a long time.

Look for Rust-Proof Qualities 

Rust is one of the worst things that can happen to your commercial drip bowls because it can quickly deteriorate the bowls and thus make them not fit for use. When looking for replacement drip bowls, you might as well look for a rust-proof set in the beginning. 

Then you won't have occurrences of rust that lead to drip bowl replacements later on. Some drip bowls are made with protective coatings that will specifically protect against rust. These range parts (or Southbend parts) will serve you well going forward. 

Make Sure They're Easy to Clean

Drip bowls are naturally going to get dirty around a range because of things like food particles and grease. You thus want to make sure the replacement drip bowls for your commercial range are easy to clean because this will save you potentially hours of labor.

You want food particles and grease to be easy to remove with basic tools and cleaning chemicals. It's also important to get replacement drip bowls that can go through your commercial washing machine without getting damaged. This will make drip bowl cleaning and maintenance much more convenient to deal with.

Verify Construction Is Solid

If you want drip bowls really holding up for more than several years, then you need to go with a set that has a really solid construction. The drip bowls shouldn't be easy to bend or break, especially when you go to set them up for the first time.

You'll have no trouble assessing this particular quality of this range part if you sample a couple of different sets in person. Being able to hold each drip pan and manipulate it in different ways will let you know exactly what type of construction quality you're dealing with. 

You can effectively collect grease and food particles when using a commercial range thanks to drip pans. They won't last forever, but you'll have no trouble finding a solid replacement set if you perform your due diligence by looking over relevant factors that impact how this range part investment works out for the next several years or so.