Now that winter is almost here, you might think that you're done with your air conditioner. However, that's not actually the case. You still need to take care of repairs and maintenance, especially if you want your air conditioning to be ready when warm weather returns. If you're thinking about waiting until spring to repair your air conditioner, consider the type of repairs that are needed. For instance, some minor repairs can be postponed until spring. However, if you have issues with the electrical components of your air conditioner, you should take care of those repairs right away. If you're not sure what constitutes an electrical issue, read the list provided below. If you've experienced any of these issues with your air conditioner, call for repairs right away. 

Your AC Power Is Fluctuating

If your air conditioner was struggling to maintain power during the summer, there's a good chance that electrical issues were causing the problem. This is especially true if the power seemed to fluctuate during each cycle. Power fluctuations can be caused by electrical surges, which can happen when the wires are short-circuiting. To protect your air conditioner, and to prevent additional issues, have the wiring repaired as soon as possible. 

You See Exposed AC Wires

If you've seen exposed wires on your air conditioning unit, you need to call for immediate repairs. Exposed wires increase the risk of electrical fires. If the exposed wires are touched, they can also increase the risk for serious injuries. Because of those risks, exposed wires should be repaired without delay. If you do discover exposed wires, seal off the area. Once the area is secure, call for repairs. It's also important that you avoid using your air conditioner until the exposed wires can be repaired. 

You Have AC Circuit Issues

If you spent the summer flipping the circuit breaker for your air conditioner, now's the time to call for repairs. There are a number of reasons why circuits may trip while your air conditioner is in use. One problem may be that your air conditioner circuit is damaged. Another problem could be that the AC compressor is grounded. Both of those issues require immediate attention from your HVAC contractor. 

Your AC Box Is Damaged

Finally, if your AC box shows signs of damage, call for repairs right away. The AC box contains all of the electrical components for your cooling unit. If the AC box has been damaged or tampered with, it will need to be inspected as soon as possible. If there's any damage inside the box, your HVAC contractor can take care of those repairs for you.

Call an HVAC contractor if you need air conditioning repair