Have you heard about people complaining of hidden costs during their air conditioning unit installation or repairs? Hidden costs are majorly unexpected charges which technicians charge during a repair or installation. 

While hidden costs may have developed a negative impression amongst homeowners since they have to pay more than they had budgeted, hidden costs are not always a scam. They arise because of an unexpected need for additional work or service of your unit, which you may not have been aware of during consultation with the HVAC contractor.

The Reason Behind Hidden Costs

If you live in a new home, you are less likely to encounter hidden costs than someone living in an older home. Hidden costs mainly come about due to unexpected hindrances during air conditioning repair or installation.

For example, drywall repairs may be necessary for an older home, and they may not have been included in the cost. Hidden costs can also arise depending on the type of repair you need. For example, if you are replacing your type of unit and installing a new one, the technician may need to change the entire ductwork, which will cost slightly more than the quote provided.

A damaged duct connection can also increase your bill. Sometimes, a technician can discover underlying issues like tangled ducts during maintenance or installation. Therefore, there are different reasons that may result in new costs. 

Common Hidden Costs

Wall Modifications

Most air conditioning works will extend to your walls, like installing the unit and the thermostat. When putting up ducts, the technician may need to cut through your wall, or in some cases, expand the space between your boards.

Wall modifications attract an extra charge which may not have been included in your previous estimate. However, a professional HVAC contractor will discuss the need for extra charges with you before proceeding. Additionally, you can ask your technician if the service you need will include any wall modifications. 

Electrical Systems

An air conditioning unit relies on electricity. When replacing your unit or during installation, your unit may need a more robust electrical system to handle the new system, especially in older homes.

If this is the case, your electrical wiring system will need upgrading before the air conditioning unit is installed. Therefore, consider consulting a technician and seeing whether your home's electrical system can service the unit before getting a new air conditioning system.

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