Every homeowner should ensure air conditioning vent cleaning once in a while to prevent clogging and ensure clean home ambient air. While this is routine maintenance, there are times when you must just clean your air conditioner ducts. This article discusses the signs that will inform you when you should call in an HVAC maintenance specialist.

Dust All Over Your Home

If your home is dusty, requiring regular wiping or cleaning, the duct system is likely to be the culprit. You need to check if your vents are releasing any dust. When you notice visible dust or dirt around the return and supply vents, ask for an air conditioner specialist to clean them. After performing air conditioning vent cleaning, the technician should replace air filters and run an air purifier to remove allergens from the air.

Growth of Mold

When it turns into dust, mold can cause severe allergic reactions to you and your family members. Mold usually develops due to the accumulation of condensation inside the duct system. Mold is easy to spot because it usually appears around the vent covers after spreading out from the vents. Sometimes, it could be difficult to spot mold. However, it is present if the air coming out of your vents has a musty smell. Therefore, you should ask HVAC technicians to clean the ducts for you.

Rodent or Insect Infestation

When they find their way into your air ducts, squirrels, rats, mice, and insects can cause serious blockages. That's why you should watch out for rodent droppings or other signs of the presence of these pesky creatures. More often, the droppings infect dust, which spreads throughout your home, causing allergies. Rodents may also chew away the ducts, causing a lot of damage.

Rising Energy Costs

Fluctuation in the cost of energy used to run your air conditioning system is a clear sign that something is not quite right. Energy inefficiency results from blockage of the ductwork that prevents air from moving swiftly. Thus, the furnace and air conditioner must work harder to make your home ambiance comfortable. The resultant energy consumption results in higher utility bills. As a solution, you need to implement air conditioner duct cleaning soon enough.


Are you wondering when you should have the ductwork in your home cleaned? Watch out for the appearance of dust all over your home, growth of mold, rodent or insect infestation, and rising energy costs. Always ask for help from an air conditioning duct cleaning professional.