Your air conditioning unit is responsible for driving out humidity from your rooms and keeping the home cool. You'll need it to operate in top condition during the dreary months. One way of diagnosing AC problems is listening to the sounds it creates. You must call a residential air conditioning repair technician if you notice unusual sounds. 

Listening to any sound that your air conditioner emits is one way of avoiding costly repairs over time. Mostly, you'll hear strange buzzing or flapping sounds that indicate you need quick residential air conditioning repair. Acting fast ensures your unit performs efficiently and guarantees a longer lifespan. If you hear these sounds, call residential air conditioner repair services quickly. 

Loud Banging 

The modern air conditioning unit is designed to operate quietly. But if you hear banging noises, it's important to check the source. Usually, an AC system will exert force when sucking air from the exterior, pushing it through your vents and into designated zones. 

If there are banging sounds in your external and indoor units, it indicates a need for quick repairs. A malfunctioning blower with loose components can occasion these sounds. If a component becomes loose, it affects the blower's efficiency. You should call skilled residential air conditioning repair professionals to diagnose and fix the loose parts. 

Unusual Clicking 

When you notice clicking sounds when switching the blower on or off, it could be a normal occurrence. However, if the clicking doesn't go away or it accelerates, it's a sign you need professional repairs. If there's loud clicking when you turn on the AC, it signals capacitor issues. 

You should get the right residential air conditioning repair technician to repair a faulty capacitor before it grinds the unit to a halt. Equally, your external AC unit can produce clicking sounds if there's an obstruction. If the sound persists, you should switch off the AC and contact an HVAC specialist to troubleshoot and repair it. 


Hissing sounds within your air-conditioning unit indicate that air is leaking through the ducts or vents. If you hear slight hissing sounds, you probably need simple air filter cleaning. Additionally, hissing sounds indicate leaking refrigerant lines. You shouldn't wait for such faults to downgrade your home's comfort. Calling a residential air conditioner repair service ensures that the leaks are sealed and your system is restored to optimal conditions. 

Squealing or Screeching 

A screeching and screaming sounds in the AC unit signal compressor faults. Even though it could be a minor defect, you must check with an HVAC professional. Squealing sounds can emanate from compressor motors that lack proper lubrication. The motor's bearings will grind on each other if they're not well oiled. As soon as you hear the squealing or grinding sounds, call a residential air conditioning repair technician.

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