After your current furnace broke down, you may have already chosen a replacement and are getting ready for it to be installed. While you are waiting for the day that the new system will arrive, you may be wondering if there is anything specific that you can do to get your home ready. If so, there are a couple of things that you can do to help speed up the process and provide for a cleaner home after the installation of the new furnace.

1. Clear a Path to All Areas Where the Installers May Need to Reach

One thing that you can do to help get your home ready for the contractors who will be installing your new furnace is to ensure that they have clear pathways. If any of the potential paths are obstructed, they may either have to wait for you to clear them out or have to strain to get around the obstacles.

From where they will be parked to your house, make sure that there are no yard tools, toys, or anything else lying around. Inside, decide on the best path for them to take from the front door to the location of the heating system, and make sure it is clear of furniture and possible trip hazards, such as throw rugs.

Along with these pathways, make sure that they have easy access to the area around the furnace. You should also locate your home's breaker box and ensure a clear area around it in case they need to use it.

2. Consider Having Your Ducts Cleaned Out Beforehand

Another thing that you can do before the furnace installers arrive is to consider having the ducts cleaned out. Especially if it has been a while since this job was done, there may be thick layers that will be shaken free while the workers move the sections around the furnace.

Also, if you do not have the ducts cleaned out, your new furnace will be contaminated by the dust as the old air flows through it. Speak with your installer for a recommendation on duct cleaners so that your new heating system will blow clean air the first time it runs

Making sure that the installers can easily reach all areas in and around your home they need to access as well as ensuring that your ducts are cleaned out can help speed up the installation process and give your home better air quality from the start. Speak with an HVAC contractor near you that offers services like furnace installation to find out if they have any other suggestions or requirements for when they come to put in your new heating system.