While a furnace replacement might not be on the list of things you wanted to do anytime soon, it might be needed. In order for you to determine whether it is time to have a home heating replacement system installed, you will want to go over the following signs to look for:

Your Heating Bill Keeps Rising

An occasional rise in your heating bill is to be expected, as the rates for the utility will change over time. Also, some months might end up with record low temperatures so you have to kick the furnace on a little more. The thing is though, if this is not an occasional fluctuation of your heating bill and it is more of a continuous increase, it might be time for a replacement furnace. After furnaces get past a certain age, they will need to work extra hard to produce the same amount of heat that you expect every winter. This extra effort will result in an increased heating bill, which will just go up and up until the system is replaced with a newer, energy-efficient furnace. 

There Have Been Multiple Repairs Within A Short Amount Of Time

It might not be time for a replacement furnace after only one repair. However, if you have found that there has been a need for several repairs to your furnace over the past couple of years, it is probably best to start planning for a replacement. This is especially true if the cost of these repairs comes out of your own pocket because the warranty has expired. It is likely that the furnace will continue to have problems until it is replaced, just because it is getting so old and worn out.

Your Furnace Is Extremely Old

Even if it has not broken down recently, you will want to start budgeting for a replacement furnace if your current furnace is fifteen years or older. This is because it is likely to reach the end of its life and you will want to be prepared for that instead of letting it sneak up on you in the middle of a cold winter night.

Talk with a couple of different HVAC companies to see who is able to come out for an in-person consultation. They can check out the type of furnace you need and give you a few options to pick from. Get the cost of the new furnace and the labor charges in writing and schedule the installation as soon as you can.

Contact a local HVAC contractor to learn more about furnace replacement.