Living through a worldwide pandemic has changed the way many Americans work and live. Instead of driving into the office each day, thousands of employees had to begin working from their own home. While telecommuting has helped to prevent interruptions in pay, working from home in a house that lacks an available office space has led to some hasty and creative efforts to modify spaces in garages, attics, or even backyard sheds. 

Unfortunately, since most of these spaces were not previously connected to the home's existing heating and air conditioning system, they can quickly become uncomfortable to work in on a daily basis. If you would like to make your newly converted home office feel more comfortable and welcoming, a mini-split system is likely the answer you have been hoping to find. 

What is a mini-split system? 

A good way to describe a mini-split system is to think of it as a compact, but powerful, HVAC system, capable of both cooling and heating living spaces. Mini-split systems use efficient fan systems to move cooled or heated air throughout the room or space, so there is no need to do expensive structure modifications to add bulky duct work and vents. 

Can a mini-split be used in a small space? 

Mini-split systems are available in a variety of sizes and conformations to offer comfort in small or large areas. The head, a small component, goes up high on the wall near the ceiling. Multiple head systems may have two or more heads, which will be strategically placed to offer an even, comfortable cooling and heating experience throughout the space.

Another compact component installed outside the space, usually on a concrete pad or a bracketed shelf. This component connects to the interior head unit via hoses and wiring. Mini-split systems can usually be fully installed and operational within just a few hours as there are no required major structural modifications.

Will using a mini-split spike the electric bill? 

In the current pandemic economy, homeowners often worry about taking any action that could increase their utility bills. Mini-splits are a great choice for homeowners with concerns of this nature because the design is ultra-efficient and you can leave it off when the home office space is not being used. 

Telecommuting employees who are looking for an efficient way to cool and heat a newly created home office space can learn more about the mini-split system and its benefits by contacting a reputable residential HVAC service in their area. Find residential air conditioning services in your area today.