Failing to maximize the performance of an air conditioning system is a mistake that homeowners will often make that can reduce the comfort and quality of life for those living in the structure. While air conditioning systems are critically important and highly complicated, keeping them operational is likely to be an easier task than you may have originally assumed.

Check Your Attic Space For Drafts

The attic of your home is one of the areas of the house that can actually have some of the biggest impacts on the performance of the AC system. This is despite the fact that most homes will not have vents in the attic. However, it is possible for the attic to develop fairly large drafts that can significantly increase the strain that the air conditioning system is under. As a result, the interior of the home may become more difficult to keep cool while the amount of energy the AC system is using also increases by a noticeable amount. Sealing these drafts should be one of the first steps for a homeowner that is wanting to boost the performance of their AC system without investing in a complete upgrade.

Use Your Blinds To Help Insulate The Windows

The blinds over your windows can actually help to improve the performance of the air conditioning system. When the blinds are closed, they can help to insulate the windows from convective cooling and heating that occurs due to the ability of the glass to easily transfer heat and cold. Drawing the blinds when it is extremely hot or cold outside can help to reduce this effect so that the interior of the home will experience far less unwanted temperature impacts. During the summer, you will want to draw the blinds or curtains before the sun starts to shine in through the window as this can rapidly cause the interior to warm. Also, you may want to open the curtain or blinds as soon as the sun sets as this will allow much of the heat that may have penetrated into the home to dissipate.

Appreciate The Impacts A Lack Of Service Visits Can Have On AC Performance

Failing to have an air conditioning unit serviced by a professional technician is one of the most common mistakes that people will make when it comes to maximizing their AC performance. If the unit is not regularly undergoing service visits, the unit will gradually lose power and effectiveness until it eventually stops working entirely. A yearly servicing by a professional can be an affordable way of ensuring that the air conditioning system is always operating as peak effectiveness.

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