If your home has a forced air heating or cooling system, a common piece of advice you've heard is to change the air filter regularly. However, you may not be aware that there are different types of air filters. Here is an overview of the two types of air filters you can put into your HVAC system.

Active Carbon Air Filters

One of the advantages of having an active carbon air filters is due to the very tiny pores in the filter. These pores play a role in creating more surface area for particles to stick to, which removed more debris, dirt, and allergens from the air. 

The filter will do a better job at absorbing odors as well, which creates a deodorizing effect over your home. This helps deal with the smells that can circulate due to pets, who have pet dander that will find its way into your HVAC system. Carbon can also help improve air quality in a home that has poor air quality outside the home. This is more common in a city environment or if you live off of a busy street with many cars that pass by during the day. 

Try switching out your normal filter with an active carbon air filter to see if it makes a difference. After a few days, you may notice that the air smells cleaner than normal as a result.

Electrostatic Air Filters

Dust particles can actually receive an electrostatic charge, which causes dust to gravitate more towards electronics in your home. You can actually use this to your advantage by using an electrostatic air filter to assist with removing the dust in your home. These filters will attract those dust particles and prevent them from traveling through your ductwork and into the rest of your home.

Many homeowners like electrostatic air filters because they come in a variation that is washable. It prevents the need to have to throw away the air filter and rush out to the store to get a new one when it's time to replace it. Washable filters also make it easier for people to swap out their filter frequently, which is great for homes with pets and smokers that will reduce the overall air quality. Frequent filter changing will also be better for your HVAC system since more dirt and debris will be caught in the filter rather than collect in the unit itself. For more information on HVAC services, contact a local specialist.