Sleep is something that everyone looks forward to at the end of a long day, especially after spending hours at school or work. Although it isn't unusual for someone to enjoy a fan or other noises as they fall asleep, many people would rather have total silence. Something as simple as a loud central air conditioning system can interrupt the sleep of someone who prefers silence, such as by keeping them up at night. If your air conditioning system has become loud to the extent of interfering with your ability to fall asleep in a timely manner, it is wise to get it inspected by a professional technician. Take a look at the remainder of this article for an overview of what might be the cause of your central air conditioner making so much noise.

There is a Lot of Debris in the Air Ducts

Air ducts must be cleaned out every now and then for several reasons. Basically, cleaning out the ducts can prevent air from not coming out of vents as powerful as it should. When the ducts are filled with various types of debris, air will not only flow through in a weak manner, but can make a substantial amount of noise during the process. The reason for the noise is due to the air making contacting with the debris as it flows through the ducts. A professional will likely be needed if you want the air ducts to be thoroughly cleaned out.

Blower Fan Rotation is Problematic

The blower fan is one of the main central air conditioning parts that can contribute to the system making a lot of noise. The reason why is because the fan is designed to rotate, which can make a lot of noise if it is in bad shape. Several things may have gone wrong with the fan if it is noisy, such as the blade getting bent up. There is also the possibility that the fan is too lose and need to get tightened up so the noise will go away. A technician can inspect the problem and and let you know if ac repairs are needed for the system.

Air Struggles to Flow Through the Filter

A bad air filter can also contribute to a central air conditioner running in a noisier manner than usual. If air is struggling to flow through the filter due to the present of dirt on it, getting it cleaned might easily resolve the problem. Depending on the filter type and age, it is possible that a new one will be needed rather than simply getting it cleaned.