Extreme heat is just a way of life in Arizona and most who live here are used to it. However, that doesn't mean that a home or apartment without air conditioning can't be dangerous. As a result, you need to get your unit fixed by AC service providers if it has broken down.

Air Conditioning Is A Right In Arizona

In many states, apartment landlords don't have to provide air conditioning units for their rentals. However, Arizona passed a law that makes it a right to have air conditioning, meaning that all apartments and living areas must possess them. Unfortunately, that doesn't cover broken air conditioners, a problem that can seriously affect your health at the hottest time of the year.

Why Living Without It Is So Dangerous

In a 100-degree Arizona summer, all of that heat is going to get trapped in your apartment. No matter how much you run fans or keep your blinds closed, the heat is going to be even worse in your apartment. In some situations, the temperature can rise above 120 degrees or even more, depending on the apartment and the intensity of the heat.

In this kind of heat, you are going to dry out very easily and could suffer from heat stroke. This problem is particularly potent if you dehydrate while you sleep and suffer from serious complications. People die every year in this situation, but you don't have to be one of them if you get your unit fixed by a professional AC service provider.

Getting It Fixed Immediately Is Essential

So if your apartment's air conditioning is broken and summer heat is making you crazy, it is important to reach out to your landlord right away. If they own the air conditioner, they have a legal responsibility to fix it for you. If they don't, they might be in legal trouble because they aren't providing you with adequate protection from the summer heat.

However, if the air conditioner is your own, then you are going to have to contact AC services instead. Thankfully, most repairs won't cause that much for this issue. For example, most repair jobs are going to cost as little as $40. Higher-end ones will cost no more than $1,500 which, while not cheap, is still better than dealing with the Arizona heat.

So if you are stuck with a broken air conditioner and you want to stay cool this summer, don't hesitate to contact AC services near you right away. Even if you're not in Arizona, you can just search something like 'ac repair huntsville al' for your area to find a service that can help keep you cool. These professionals will take the time to assess the situation and repair your unit as soon as possible.