There is nothing worse than having bad odors come out of your air vents when you turn on your heat or air conditioning. Obviously, you are going to want to fix these problems as quickly as possible. When you have odors in your HVAC and duct systems, they seem to permeate. That is, you can often smell them even when your air is not turned on. 

Obviously, one of the biggest jobs of your HVAC system is to filter the air. So, if you do have some sort of smell coming out of your air vents, it probably has to do with your filtering system. This article explains two of the most common causes of HVAC odors.

Mold Is the Chief Cause of Odor

Mold is the most common cause of HVAC odors. Mold usually forms when there is too much moisture in your system. When you have moisture buildup inside your ducts, furnace, air registers, damper, platinum, or anywhere else, it probably means that your evaporator system is not doing its job. If your evaporator is dirty or frosted over, you want to take care of this problem as soon as possible.

The Importance of a Functioning Evaporator In Relation to Odors

An evaporator is supposed to draw moisture out of the air, and then send it down the condensate pipe. So, if your evaporator is dirty, not turning on, or broken for any reason, it could be because of your mold, and therefore the cause of your orders. Similarly, if your condensate pipe is clogged, the moisture in the evaporator will not be able to drain freely. Basically, the two most common causes of odors and HVAC system have to do with these simple devices that many people don't think are connected.

Cleaning Your Duct Might Not Be Enough

Even if you open up your duct system and give them a thorough sterilization and cleaning, the odor can come right back. Removing smelly mold from your ducts might just be a temporary solution. After a few more months of running your AC or heat with a malfunctioning evaporator, the mold will build up again, and you will probably start to experience odors.

Luckily, having your evaporator and condensate pipe cleaned is simple work. It is even something that you can do yourself if you are ambitious enough. Otherwise, for about $50, an HVAC technician can take care of it with ease. For more information, contact a company like Arnold Service Co.