A typical AC (air conditioner) installation isn't cheap, but there are things you can do to manage the costs. One of these things is to time your installation time correctly. Here are some timing tips for AC installation and how they may help you manage the costs.

Install it Between the Winter and Summer

There is a common belief that the winter season is the best time to install an AC unit if you want a good deal. The rationale is that the installation technicians will not have a lot of work during the winter because many people don't need ACs in the winter. However, this doesn't make sense if you think about it carefully. This is because HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) companies are busy installing and fixing heating systems during the winter, and they are the same companies that install ACs. This means both the winter and the summer are not good for you if you want a good deal. Instead, you should look at the transitory seasons (fall and spring) for the best deals.

Realize That Everything Can Be Negotiated

It's also good to know that most of the quotes you will from AC installers are negotiable. Sure, they won't come right out and tell you so, but you may be able to snag a discount if you try your negotiation skills during the purchase. Besides, you don't have anything to lose even if you don't succeed – so go ahead and try.

Install it Long before You Need It

Another nifty tip to get a good AC deal is to install it long before you actually need AC services. This is because when you wait until you are overwhelmed by the heat in your house or until your aging system breaks down, you will buy the first AC you find. However, when you opt for an early installation, you will have all the time in the world to do your market research and negotiate a good deal.

Package It with the Heating System

Most companies love those who give them more business, and HVAC installers are no option. This means it's better to get your AC and heating system installed at the same time by the same company than it is to install them on different dates or by different companies. Apart from giving the company more business, bundling the systems also gives the installers the opportunity t cut on their transportation and logistics costs because they only have to come to your place once.

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