Your HVAC systems are responsible for keeping you cool and warm depending on the season. If your systems are not maintained properly you could end up with costly repairs or needing to purchase a new furnace or air conditioning unit prematurely - either can be quite expensive. Maintenance of your HVAC systems is key, although most homeowners aren't sure how to maintain these appliances. See below for preventative maintenance tips to help you extend the life of these appliances.

Invest In Good Filters

There is a difference between the types of filters you use for your HVAC system. They can run fairly cheap to very expensive. There are also different types, some are high efficiency filters that will help trap the smallest of dust particles to prevent them from getting blown back into your home. If you can't afford an expensive filter, that's OK, just make sure you check and change your filter often. If you can afford the more expensive filters, do so. They won't need to be changed as often and can trap smaller particles, which means less dust around your home.

Change Your Filters

As stated above, your filter needs to be checked and replaced. A good rule of thumb is to change your filter every other month, or more often if you have a lot of dust around your home from dander. Check the filter by holding it up to the light. If you cannot see any light, it's time to change it. If you pull it out and it's loaded with dust - change it immediately. You may also notice a lot more dust around your home, check your furnace filter, as it may be clogged. Waiting to change your filter can result in a premature breakdown of your system.

Level Your A/C Unit

An air conditioning unit that is not level can cause problems for you. Be sure it is on a level pad and that it is sitting level. If your unit isn't level it can cause problems for you. Your furnace should also be level as well. Things bumping into it can cause it to become un-level, so check it before the beginning of the season just to be sure.

Clean The Condensate Drain

The condensate drain can clog over time, which can result in water damage if it goes unnoticed. Clean the condensate drain by running bleach water through the drain to remove mold or mildew buildup and to get rid of clogs. This should be done at least once per year. 

Your HVAC systems are an important part of your home. Use preventative maintenance to prevent premature breakdowns and to save money on costly repairs or on replacement costs. Click here for more information.